How to exhibit

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Step 1

Online registration or submit an application form by email

Step 2

50% of the total participation fee should be paid within 7 days upon submission of the application form

Step 3

Make the payment of the participation fee balance by February 29, 2024

Step 4

Submit the exhibitor utility forms & all balances must be paid by April 5, 2024

Step 5

The opening day of AI EXPO KOREA May 1-3, 2024

Stand Option(VAT excluded)

* Due to the organizer's circumstances, the design and the fee of the booth can be changed.

Type Fee(USD) Provision details
Space only 3m×3m=9㎡ 3,200
Minimum requirement of raw space is 18㎡
4m×3m=12㎡ 4,200
Shell scheme 3m×3m=9㎡ 3,500
1 desk+1 chair(1set) per exhibitor, spotlights, two-way socket, 1kw electric power, stand partitions, fascia board, floor covering
4m×3m=12㎡ 4,600
Special package 2m×2m=4㎡ 3,100
1 desk+1 chair(1set) per booth, spotlights, two-way socket, 1kw electric power, block system, fascia board, floor covering, internal banner
(Monitor not provided, additional application available)
Type A /B
Program option (VAT excluded)

※ Please contact the secretariat for more details before the application.

Type Fee(USD)
Seminar session 50min $3,000/1ea
Logo exposure on Website $1,000/1ea
Advertisement on newsletter $1,700/1ea
Logo exposure on mobile invitation tickets $1,000/1ea
Advertisement on online directory $1,500/1ea
Hanging banner $1,000/1ea
Logo exposure on digital media and entrance board $1,000/1ea
Logo exposure on booth layout $1,000/1ea
Discount (VAT excluded)
Type Rate Deadline
The 1st Early-Bird 500 USD discount per booth Up to 20 companies and the deposit should be paid by
September 30, 2023
The 2nd Early-Bird 200 USD discount per booth Up to 40 companies and the deposit should be paid by
November 30, 2023
Re-participation 200 USD discount per booth 2023 Exhibitor only

※ The Discounts are not available for the Special Package Booth.